New Product: Red Stain Relief

We have a new product that has shown impressive results for removing red from carpet and furniture. Do you have red juice, wine, or nail polish spills on your carpet?…we have the solution. 1) We begin by steam cleaning the spot, 2) then we apply two red-remover solutions which are mixed together right before application, 3) then we apply pressure with a towel and heat from an iron on top of the towel, 4) then steam clean extract again. Call us for red removal!


About All Seasons Carpet & Furniture Cleaning, Inc.

All Seasons Carpet & Furniture Cleaning, Inc has been serving the entire Wasatch Front since 1975. From Provo to Salt Lake City. Owned and operated by James Jennings. Using the most powerful truck mounted machine technology, not those portable push around machines that bump into furniture and walls! Only the hose will enter your home. Call to schedule appointments. We always include pre-treatment spray, steam cleaning, and individual spot dissolvent with each service quote.

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