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HOT DEAL: 25% Off Spring Cleaning

SPRING SAVINGS-01Ready…Set…START YOUR SPRING CLEANING!!!! Residential homes will receive 25% off on all steam cleaning. Services must be completed before June 21, 2013. Must mention this deal when scheduling appointment to redeem 801.571.5000. We offer the following chemical steam services: carpet, tile and grout, rugs, furniture, mattresses, etc. Time to clean out all the dirty snow and salt tracked into your home over the winter season. Get back that fresh newly cleaned carpet look and smell.


HOT DEAL: $50 per 600 sq ft for Businesses

HOT DEAL-01Available NOW! Businesses will receive after hours steam cleaning of all carpeted areas for a special offer of $50 per 600 square feet. Includes 1) chemical pre-spray to lift dirt, 2) steam cleaning and extraction, 3) individual attention to difficult spots using a variety of chemicals depending on what the spot is. Applies to commercial properties only, no residential areas included. Services must be completed before February 28, 2013. Must mention this deal when scheduling appointment to redeem 801.571.5000.

New Product: Red Stain Relief

We have a new product that has shown impressive results for removing red from carpet and furniture. Do you have red juice, wine, or nail polish spills on your carpet?…we have the solution. 1) We begin by steam cleaning the spot, 2) then we apply two red-remover solutions which are mixed together right before application, 3) then we apply pressure with a towel and heat from an iron on top of the towel, 4) then steam clean extract again. Call us for red removal!

Did You Know We Clean Furniture?

Did you know we clean furniture too? We begin by applying pre-treatment spray chemical to the upholstered piece of furniture which lifts the dirt. Then follow by steam cleaning it using a special handheld attachment with super suction. All furniture is cleaned by hand, inch by inch. This works great on upholstered chairs, sofas, love seats, ottomans, etc. Do you have upholstered dining room chairs which haven’t been cleaned since you bought them? Have your furniture cleaned before the holiday guests arrive! 

Cleaning Tip: Removing Nail Polish From Carpet

Begin by putting a small amount of nail polish remover (acetone) on a white paper towel and lightly patting the nail polish on the carpet. Wait for nail polish to soften, then follow-up by patting the nail polish on the carpet with a dry paper towel. Alternate back and forth between patting the nail polish with a paper towel containing nail polish remover, and patting with a dry paper towel. Do not rub the nail polish aggressively, this will push it further down into the carpet. Repeat until all nail polish is removed. If the nail polish does not come out, please call us. We can try other chemicals and heavy-duty vacuum suction, or simply cut the stain out and professionally patch it.

Have You Seen Our Gift Certificates?

Give the gift of a freshly cleaned home! Beautifully designed, these gift certificates would be a welcome site and perfect for a house warming gift, closing gift from realtors and loan officers, weddings and anniversaries, baby showers, or mothers day. A matching 6×6 black envelope will also be included. Ask your All Seasons specialist for one at your next appointment or order one over the phone by calling 801.571.5000.

Before and After Photos

Have you seen our before and after photos? Well here is one of the new additions to our gallery! If you have a photo of one of our services you’d like to submit after your appointment, please email the photo to and your photo may be posted! As always, every service includes pre-treatment spray, steam cleaning, and individual spot dissolvent. You may also request enzymes to reduce pet odor and stains. As always, a great way to keep your carpet looking new is to end your cleaning with a teflon carpet protector spray finish. This add-on treatment prevents future stains from sinking down into your carpet.

A Little Bit About Us

“I-LOVE-ALL-SEASONS!” All Seasons Carpet & Furniture Cleaning, Inc. is locally owned and has been serving the entire Wasatch Front since 1975.  Our cleaning method utilizes a unique truck mount carpet steam cleaning system. This preferred service offers faster set up and take down time as the machine remains within the truck while the hose extends outward. Additionally, truck mount allows for greater water pressure, vacuum suction, and heat than most portable cleaners. Pre-treatment spray, steam cleaning, and individual spot dissolvent included in every quote.