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Pricing will vary depending on square footage of area being serviced, how many services are being completed during the appointment (volume price discounts), and if any add-on or specialty treatments are requested. Request a quote be calling 801.571.5000, or emailing

To determine a quote, we will need to know the number of rooms and their approximate square footage or dimensions, number of hallways, number of individual stair steps being cleaned, number of cushions per couch and if they are one-sided or two, dimension of rugs, size of mattresses, and overall if there are special spots or burn marks for which we will need to bring special chemicals or tools for.

Every Quote Includes:

  1. Pre-treatment chemical spray to lift the dirt and spots

  2. Steam cleaning and water extraction

  3. Individual dissolvent for those stubborn spots


Add-On Treatments:

  1. Teflon carpet protector

  2. Enzymes for pet odor

  3. Scented after spray (fragrances available)

  4. Specialty eco-friendly products